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Caminito Spanish Immersion and Montessori is a private school in Keller, TX.  We offer 100% Spanish immersion.  Our program is designed for children ages 2-6 years old who do not have previous knowledge of Spanish.  We combine both traditional and Montessori methods of teaching in a fun way.  We know that a child's time with us is a valuable learning experience and we structure our activities on our students' needs.

Our school day exposes our students to the following

Practical Life - The purpose of Practical Life is to help our students gain control in the coordination of their movement and to help them gain independence and adapt to their surroundings. Activities include: tying their shoes, setting the table, painting, and solving puzzles.

Sensory Area - The purpose of our sensory enforcement is for our students to acquire clear, conscious information along with classifications in their environment.  All five senses are engaged as our students learn to differentiate among: sizes, colors, weights, forms, textures, scents, tastes and musical sounds.

Language Area - The purpose of our language area is to build our students Spanish language skills.  Through phonics, our students learn small words and how to write them. Soon after, they start being able to read. Our students are exposed to material that teaches Spanish vocabulary.

Mathematics Area - The purpose of our mathematics area is to help our students understand the concepts of math by manipulating concrete materials.  These activities give our students an understanding of basic mathematical principals and helps them develop problem solving skills.

Cultural Area- The purpose of our cultural area is to help our students learn about people and cultures in other countries with respect and admiration. Geography, Biology, Art & Music are also integrated in our curriculum.

Spanish Immersion and Montessori

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