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toddlers about to draw

Our Mission

To lay the groundwork for a child’s growth so that as they grow, they become capable learners who are physically healthy, mentally aware, emotionally sound, and socially competent. Ensure positive impact during fundamentally important years of growth, create curiosity for learning & achieving. Also, gifting them Spanish as a language for a lifetime.

To achieve our mission, we

  • Bestow young children with love, affection, attention, encouragement, and mental stimulation in addition to good nutrition.
  • Ensure a safe, nurturing, and positive environment and maintain a close relationship between the child and the caregiver, the best way to nourish the child’s growing brain.
  • 100% Spanish immersion environment

Our Philosophy

We believe……
  • Children should always feel loved and welcomed – Relationship shapes the developing brain. LOVE helps GROW a child’s brain.
  • Children should be respected and trusted at all times. – Trusting and securing connections to promote emotional, cognitive, and social development.
  • Disengage from the resistance and a never-ending battle-of-wills and connect with children with the heart, mind, and soul!