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Spanish is one of the top 5 most spoken languages in the world. In this increasingly global environment, the study of other languages and cultures is one of the most important skills you can promote in children.smiling young boy

This is a time in their lives when acquiring a second language comes very naturally and children at Caimito are exposed to a second language in the most natural and comfortable way through natural immersion in that environment. The exposure to spontaneous language, words and phrases that are repeated throughout the day allows for a gradual and natural comprehension. Songs, books, words in print around the room, and daily routines all incorporate the immersive approach. As the children become progressively more familiar and comfortable hearing and understanding the second language, their response in Spanish becomes a natural part of their thought process and the second language emerges.

  • Our program uses Spanish as an instrument in which we deliver our preschool curriculum. Our Mission is to educate and nurture each child’s individuality so that every child develops a true passion for learning and an ability to engage in any environment and community. We provide structure for learning through play and meaningful experiences and activities. Our children have well baanced development that does not about reading and math scores. Our children to walk into elementary school happy, confident and well-prepared.
  • At Caminito Spanish Immersion YOU choose the approach that best fits your child’s individual personality. All Children develop at different paces, and they have different strengths and interests. Though the goal of both Montessori and traditional preschool is the same: to provide learning experiences for the child. While in a traditional education every child in the class must follow one path set out by the teacher, a Montessori education follows the individual child’s interests using observation. Choose what is best for your child.
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To provide a safe, supportive environment filled with the Spanish language. We have native speakers on staff whose aim is to help our students gain an increased awareness of the world and appreciation for other people and cultures. [ About Us ]