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Nurturing the natural curiosity of young minds in a safe and supportive environment
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Our programs at Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori include those that are designed specifically for children aged 11 to 18 months. Our unique approach combines the Montessori philosophy with engaging activities that foster the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of our young learners. Our dedicated and experienced staff creates a nurturing and safe environment, allowing each child to grow and thrive at their own pace. Inspired by the Caminito Spanish School, we emphasize the importance of language development and cultural exploration.

Area Goals and Objectives
Individualized Learning Experiences Our Montessori-certified educators recognize the unique needs and interests of each child, tailoring activities to support their individual growth and development. We celebrate the natural curiosity of young minds, promoting exploration and experimentation to foster a lifelong love of learning.
Multi-Sensory Approach Our infant program incorporates various sensory experiences, including tactile, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimuli. This approach allows children to develop their senses and refine their motor skills, paving the way for cognitive and language development.
Language and Cultural Exploration We believe that exposure to different languages and cultures is essential for nurturing open-minded and empathetic individuals. Our program introduces children to basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases through songs, games, and interactive activities, while also exploring different cultural traditions.
Safe and Nurturing Environment Our program is designed to provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment for our young learners. Our spacious, well-lit classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials and furniture, allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace.
Parent Involvement and Communication We encourage open communication with parents and care providers, providing regular updates on each child’s progress and growth. Our program also offers workshops and resources to help families integrate Montessori principles into their daily lives.