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Developing kids’ skills and interests at their own pace
teacher with students

Our program is designed to stimulate learning through structured activities

Pre-math and pre-reading skills are taught through tactile activities that are experiential and fun.
Block construction, musical number games, puppetry and painting are just a few examples of how learning is made fun.

Learning centers encourage independent learning and help your child develop cooperation and responsibility.

Classroom is set up with the following centers to allow for independent exploration and play:

  • Art-Blocks/Construction
  • Books/Quiet Area-Dramatic Play
  • Fine Motor/Manipulatives
  • Science/Sensory Table
Area Goals and Objectives
Language Arts & Literacy
  1. Identify colors
  2. Identify name in print & Interprets pictures
  3. Speak distinctly & Sing songs with hand motions
  4. Vocabulary development & Uses 3 or more word sentences
  5. Identify letters of alphabet & Trace letters of alphabet
  6. Sort items by color, week days, body parts
Social/Emotional Development –
Learn about self and others
  1. Work with others in small group & Work independently, Carry out responsibilities
  2. Plays with small group & Participates in small group play
  3. Willing to share & Wait for turn
  4. Attuned to feelings of others & Show concern for classmates
  5. Respects rights & feelings of others
Mathematics & Science –
Learn about moving
  1. Recognition of sets
  2. Count aloud 1-10, Count 1-10 objects, indentify numerals 1-10, trace numerals 1-10
  3. Sequence numerals 1-5
  4. Identify shapes, Sort items by shape
  5. Sort items by size
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  1. Manipulate pegboards, String beads or spools
  2. Complete 10-12 piece puzzles
  3. Cut with scissors, Use crayons, markers, paintbrush, fingerplays
  4. March and dance to music
  5. Hop on one foot, Kick ball, Throw and catch large ball
Life Skills
  1. Private toileting, Dress independently
  2. Wash face and hands, wipe nose
  3. Cleans up toys and centers
  4. Follows oral directions, Folds mat and blanket, Keep up with belongings