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Developing kids’ skills and interests at their own pace
teacher and students inside the classroom

Our four year old pre school program has a well-balanced focus on the preparation for Kindergarten and the skills needed to succeed.

Our teacher works closely with small groups of children and tailor instruction to their learning needs.

The start of our day is Circle Time. Teachers and children officially greet one another, discuss the theme for the week, and review the plan for the day. Students’ ore then divided into small groups and participate in Academic Rotations through different learning centers. The teacher conducts o small group reading or moth lesson while the rest of the children rotate to different centers for further exploratory ploy and practice.

Area Goals and Objectives
Phonics and Reading
In the Four Year Old Program, children will recognize their name, sound, and pictures of long and short vowels and consonants. Children will experience the sounding of blends with one-and two-vowel words. They will learn to read sentences and stories that consist of one-and two-vowel words.
Printing –
Learn about the world
Children will practice the formation of letters, blends, and words. Written words become a part of the classroom environment. They will begin by learning how to write their first and last name. In addition, they will learn how to write lists, various words, and simple sentences.
Language, Social/Emotional Development –
Learn about self and others
  1. Children will develop Language Development and Listening Skills that include: color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, and science.
  2. Age-appropriate discussions, literature, and role playing activities as research suggests that social and emotional development begins of birth and that the foundation for developing values is laid before age five. Teaching the importance of generosity, compassion, and gratitude helps children develop into hoppy, confident, well-rounded and respected individuals.
Mathematics & Science
Learn about moving
Children will count and recognize the numbers 1 to 100. They will understand concepts of 1 to 30. They will learn to add and subtract by one. They will learn concepts of more, less.
Music, Arts & Health
  1. Fun and educational music enabling Teachers to musically engage with children throughout the week.
  2. Everyday outdoor play to bring importance of free play for balanced development and growth.
  3. Art is an integral part of kids growth and development and we let them express then through art.