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How Your Gentle Words Impact Your Child in 5 Ways

How Your Gentle Words Impact Your Child in 5 Ways
Dear parents, how have you been paying attention to the way you talk to your child? As a provider of quality Childcare in Keller, Texas, we acknowledge that the nature of our children can sometimes stretch our patience to the limit. They can be so hyperactive and seeking for attention one instant while you’re occupied with family concerns or finishing the chores.

If you’ve been guilty of talking to your child out of impatience and seasoned with rudeness, you don’t need to raise your hand. We’ve all been there. However, we still advocate on dealing with our children as gently as possible. In our Montessori School in Texas, we’ve observed the great benefits of gently communicating with the little ones.

Do you know that when you talk to your child gently, you have done something magnanimous in their life? Read on.

  1. Gentle demeanor can be imitated by children. Our little ones are looking up to us, both literally and figuratively. Everything we practice is imitated in their own play times, whether we notice it or not. When you’re exhibiting gentleness as much as possible, they can copy this kind of perspective when they have to deal with other children outside the family.
  2. Gentle words encourage children to listen. This is not actually an exclusive experience of a child. Even you yourself will prefer to listen to someone who’s talking to you with gentleness and sincerity rather than someone who’s already harsh or very critical. Is this safe to agree on? Each time you gently converse with your child, you’re also telling them that their parents are worth listening to.
  3. Gentle conversations help affirm their personal confidence on you. When they hear you talk to them without harshness or rudeness, they can learn to acquire a sense of trust in your being a person. They will perceive that you’re someone they can confide in every time.
  4. Gentle words help them practice good manners every time. You cannot just say “Thank you!” or “Please” delivered in a harsh manner. These words find meaning and significance in a mellowed delivery. So every time you practice gentleness wherever you may be, you’re also helping your child to be as well-mannered as possible.
  5. Gentle conversations can strengthen your parent-child relationship. Each time you treat them gently, they soften up to you a little bit more. This way, they can see how much they’re able to trust in you. Along with this, they can see themselves as fortunate children who have parents who consider their interests as significant.

Aside from being a Spanish Immersion Pre-School in Texas, we also greatly advocate for the overall building up of a child. Academics are good but a well-mannered and properly nurtured child can go even further in life. Consider us at Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori as your partners in rearing this level of quality childhood development.

If you find this information helpful, feel free to pass on to a fellow parent.

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