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Reasons Why You Can Gain Savings at Caiminito Spanish Immersion and Montessori School


Hey parents, are you also thinking about possibly saving costs in a child care center? Sometimes, savings don’t have to do with money, instead it can have something to do with saving time and effort in moving your child to another learning center.

As a Montessori School in Texas, we invite you to take a closer look at the long-term benefit of a Montessori curriculum. With this knowledge, we hope you can resolve that you’re gaining more with every quality program we provide.

Check out these benefits of a Montessori curriculum:

  1. Highly engaging learning materials
    In our programs, we expose the students to different learning materials that will really encourage them to do the tasks all by themselves. We encourage a hands-on type of learning where their multi-sensory abilities stimulated. These materials can also engage them in the lesson activities on strengths and weaknesses. Montessori teachers know how to work with kids so that they can be empowered in their strength and nurtured in their weakness.
  2. Learning individually
    Our learning focus is to build up a child an individual at a time. We help the kids to learn to do things in their own set of pace. So when a classmate has already finished on a particular lesson while your kid is still at the few remaining pages, they can relax. Their teachers will provide other alternative ways to learn so that your child can still achieve the expected learning goal. This is a very vital tool in empowering your kid’s learning capacity.
  3. Independence
    In our setting as a Childcare in Keller, Texas, we also cheer for the kids’ independence. We conduct activities with real-life equipment and examples so that they can have a basic sense of the real world. Common activities include washing the dishes they used for their snacks or even serving their own food.
  4. Organization
    The Montessori program also puts high value in proper organization of items in the classroom. Each learning tool has a specific place to store. Children are taught about this organization system so that they can follow suit. This practice is a very good training ground when as a grownup, you have to handle organizational activities at home or at work.
  5. Learning from mistakes
    With our Montessori program, your kid will get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. There are learning materials that provide self-correcting programs. Other activities also expose them to natural consequences so that when they are mistaken, they can learn the lesson on their own.

At Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori, we can work together towards quality learning experience for your children. You can also talk with our staff in our Spanish Immersion Pre-School in Texas about cost-saving programs. This way, your kids can still go to school even with budgetary constraints on the way.

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