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How Parents can Adopt the Montessori Philosophy at Home

How Parents can Adopt the Montessori Philosophy at Home

The philosophy of learning initiated by Dr. Maria Montessori doesn’t stop in the confines of our Montessori School in Texas. Your home can also be a haven of treasure-filled learning when the Montessori philosophy is applied. It can also help when your child is enrolled in our preschool. However, there is still much you can do for your child at home as you exercise your parental care, love, and supervision.

When taking a cue from the Montessori philosophy, here are our recommendations:

  • Nurture your child’s sense of independence
    Naturally, your child will insist on their independence as they grow. This stage can begin to manifest intensely in the toddler years. At this moment, your child will greatly benefit from your caring supervision and nurturing. Give them as much room to be independent as possible but make sure you’re there to supervise them. For instance, let them put on their shoes on their own. This might take a while, but they’re learning from it. That’s what matters.
  • Remember that your child is an individual person and they deserve to be respected
    As we provide quality Childcare in Keller, Texas, we ensure that the child feels heard, acknowledged, and validated. This is the kind of respect we need to give them so they can feel empowered as a person, young as they are. For instance, when they’re asking you about something, stop what you’re doing and give them your attention. If however what you do can’t wait, gently ask them to wait, and then thank them for waiting.
  • Allow your child to explore not only in your home but even outside your home
    This can be in the playground, in nature parks, or wherever you’re in. However, the keyword here is supervision. These exploration activities can be more productive when you’re there to supervise them. For instance, when you take them to a nature park, and they stop to pick up some pebbles, let them be unless they want to throw it at someone.
  • Take notice of your child’s interest
    You can make use of these interests to train them, expose them to a wider world of learning, and nurture a new hobby. Every child has a particular interest and it will take diligence on the parent’s part to notice these special moments. In our Spanish Immersion Pre-School in Texas, we see to it that the children get to do things that are of interest to them. This way, they can feel that it’s a fun-filled kind of learning experience.

Indeed, there is much to be gained when you’re a Montessori parent. If you would like to learn more about how our preschool can be of benefit to your child and you as a parent, talk with our staff at Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori. We will be delighted to receive and answer questions from you.

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