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Advantages of a Second Language in Early Childhood

Advantages of a Second Language in Early Childhood

Learning another language besides your native tongue does more than just allowing you to speak another completely different language—it also promotes healthy mental development, and enables many cognitive and social benefits that will last a lifetime. While it is never too late to learn a new language, it is never too early for your little one to start learning as well.

Here are some of the reasons how learning a second language during their early childhood years can place your child at a significant advantage, and why it is a good idea to enroll your little one to a Spanish immersion pre-school in Texas:

  • Develops Cognitive Abilities and Skills
    Studies have shown that learning a second language greatly helps to develop a child’s problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills. Furthermore, it aids in improving memory, focus, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in another language or languages other than their native tongue also show signs of enhanced creativity skills.
  • Provides a Good Head Start in Learning
    Research over the years have showcased that children who learn another language before age five use the same part of the brain that they use to learn their mother tongue to acquire that second language, thus having an advanced head start in learning. Since the second language is learned at a very young age, the child’s retention skills is honed, enabling easier learning.
  • Gives a Longer Time to Enable Mastery of the Language
    The length of time a student devotes to learning a language is directly proportional to the rate of cognitive development and retention ability it provides. Learning the second language from a young age provides the opportunity for children to grow alongside the additional language and culture, enabling a deeper connection and mastery of that language.
  • Nurtures Curiosity and a Sense of Cultural Sensitivity
    Children who are exposed to other languages at an early age are shown to display a more positive attitude and connection towards the cultures associated with those languages. The experience of learning another language also introduces them to the world and its different histories and cultures—in ways they might otherwise have not experienced.
  • Enables Easier Venturing into a New Learning Experience
    Contrary to what most people think, young children are actually not confused with the introduction of multiple languages at the same time, in fact, their minds have a far greater ability at grasping it than most adults. Acquiring a second language early in their life also prepares the brain to learn multiple other languages—opening a more opportunities in the future.

Caminito Spanish Immersion and Montessori School is a Montessori school in Texas that offers a quality learning experience in an environment that nurtures your child’s development and encourages personal growth through discovering and honing their talents and abilities.

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