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The 5 Ways that Montessori School Promotes Independence

The 5 Ways that Montessori School Promotes Independence

At Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori, we have seen how children’s independence can be nurtured. With our different activities and immersion programs, children got to make their own choices and carry out their own tasks.

The sense of independence is also an essential aspect of life that children can take with them anywhere, anytime. Even as adults, the strong foundation of independence can help them to achieve their goals and pursuits in life. For this reason, our Montessori-based activities do cater to this goal.

If you are not yet considering about putting your child in a Montessori School in Texas, here are five points of promoting independence that may change your mind:

  1. Practical Life Activities

    Our methods of programs are catered to a child’s integration to practical activities. For instance, they can practice pouring water on a glass, lifting a tray to the table, and other simple tasks that fit their age. Because they do these activities on their own, they develop a sense of independence in carrying out their assignment.

  2. Free Movement

    The classrooms in our Montessori-based Spanish Immersion Pre-School in Texas are designed for children to move on their own. The space is just enough to accommodate the number of learners with their designated teacher supervising them. So when the children decide to shift to another task, they can do so easily.

  3. Learning Materials

    We also utilize engaging learning materials. These are designed to be attractive to children so that they will choose to work on them. Children get to learn in their own way, which is very essential in their growth and development.

  4. Learning Pace

    Each child is also given their own time to work on their chosen activities. The approach is based on how the children progress in their pace. This method is seen to let them feel confident because they know that they have done something out of their own output. Because they also don’t feel forced, they will find more enjoyment in their learning.

  5. Multi-age Environment

    It is also our arrangement as a Montessori-based center for Childcare in Keller, Texas that children are put together in their age group. Unlike the traditional preschools, children in Montessori schools are learning together with children older or younger than them. This promotes their personal sense of responsibility in being an example or following the examples.

These are among the many ways that we nurture and promote your child’s independence. We also arrange immersion programs for these little ones so that they can have actual experience of being in another place and culture. This exposure can even enhance their overall learning experience.

If you’re interested in the services and programs we have for your children, feel free to inquire from us. Our representatives are ready to provide you the answers you need. If you also want to visit our center for a tour, just set an appointment online.

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