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Tips: Encouraging Your Child To Do Chores

Tips: Encouraging Your Child To Do Chores

Doing chores is essential knowledge in all of life. The earlier they start doing chores, the better. In another post, we have shared about the life-long benefits that chores have on children. It is an insightful read so do check it out as well.

Even so, we might think ourselves ill-prepared when it comes to actually getting our child to commit to chores. Are there a-b-c steps to achieve this? Well, not exactly. However, there are guidelines that you can follow when it comes to encouraging children to do chores.

At our Montessori School in Texas, we have designated chores and tasks in the classroom. These are age-appropriate activities designed for children to learn doing activities for life outside the classroom. So we know that children can be taught how to do chores. Here are the recommendations we can share:

  • Follow a routine

    Children can learn how to do chores when they are familiar with a schedule. In our Montessori-based center for Childcare in Keller, Texas, we follow a daily program that children can follow through. While they are being given the freedom to do their own chosen task, these are still conforming to the schedule for the day. You can also adopt this kind of practice at home.

  • Chores are not punishment

    Avoid associating chores with making punishment. For instance, if they have not finished their breakfast as you agreed, don’t let them wash the dishes as a consequence. Chores are meant to let the children feel that they are involved at home. When they associate chores with punishment, they will lose interest in these tasks.

  • Assign age-appropriate activities

    Children should also not feel burdened about their chores. Assign them only what they are able to handle. Consider their age, agility, and strength. Even in our Montessori school, we recognize this need. Chores can be more interesting when they find it enjoyable to do.

  • Set an example

    Your little ones also look up to you in most matters of their life. In other words, how you show your reactions when it comes to doing chores is something that they will emulate. So it is ideal that you also do your chores cheerfully so that your children can see how doable these activities are.

  • Give Rewards

    There is really no better motivator than rewards if arranged in a right manner. Children can be motivated to finish their chores when they know that there is something in return. However, this should be carried out in moderation.

If you’re interested in exposing your child in practical relatable activities, our Spanish Immersion Pre-School in Texas is right for them. We will be glad to entertain your inquiries so you can be guided about our programs at Caminito Spanish Immersion Private Preschool & Montessori.

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